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Art Of The Cowgirl Foundation



About the Foundation

Oklahoma Gathering

Offering workshops and community.  Meet us at the Cross Bell Ranch

October 11-13th, 2024


About the Fellowship Program

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Our Mission

Our purpose is Two Fold as Art of the Cowgirl not only Celebrates Accomplished Artisans and Horsewomen, but Provides Funding for Emerging Artists in the development of their Crafts and Businesses.

Art of the Cowgirl is a gathering to celebrate cowgirls and their contributions to the western lifestyle and culture through workshops, horsemanship clinics, an all-girl ranch rodeo and horse sale. It will be the avenue through which funds will be generated to support emerging artists and expand their knowledge and skills through fellowships and mentoring by Master Artists in their respective fields.


The Art of the Cowgirl Fellowship Program will encourage, promote and invest in the development of emerging artists and makers engaged in the unique arts, trades, and horsemanship of the western lifestyle while celebrating tradition and inspiring innovation through mentorship from established leaders in their fields. Through this program, Art of the Cowgirl will foster creativity and will work to preserve traditional art techniques and functional gear.

In Loving Memory of Tammy Pate

Founder of Art of the Cowgirl and The Art of the Cowgirl Foundation

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